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We offer a press kit with loads of information about the band. It includes digital files of the band's logo and artwork for online use and for printed work, pictures, flyers, video material, etc.. If needed, we also include some nice printed promotion material. If you would like to receive the press kit just sent us a [message]. If you are willing to review our album, be kind enough to mention this in your message, so we can send you a press kit for that specific purpose.

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Aristocrazia Review

AristocraziaAristocrazia was kind enough to give our debut album a very positive review. If you read Italian, you can check it out by clicking on the Aristocrazia logo. For those of you that don't read Italian, thanks to google translate, now you can! Simpy click here!

Live Prog Review

Live ProgMarcel from Live Prog made a great video review. Make sure you check it out!

ProgNaut Review

PrognautA very positive review written by Chris Erbeck for Prognaut! "Impassioned, thought provoking lyrics, well crafted songs, strong performances from all band members..."Incarcerated" grows on you, each song is memorable, I know I'll be listening to this one a lot." Chris did what a good Prog Reviewer should do, take the time to really listen to a prog record. So if you want to read about what Incarcerated is about, musically and lyrically click on the Prognaut logo.

Sea of Tranquility - 4 out of 5 stars

Sea of TranquilityIncarerated was a very pleasant surprise and is an excellent debut album from a promising young band that has a bright future indeed. Sea of Tranquility is looking forward to our next release! They describe our debut album entitled Incarcerated as a mixture of heavy rock and metal all wrapped in a shroud of progressiveness. They think we did a great job mixing crunchy metallic riffs with atmospheric keyboards and synths making for a well-rounded release. They're impressed by the emotional vocals and believe the musicianship is first rate! Anyone who digs moody, atmospheric metal will want to check out this band according to Jon Neudorf who wrote this very positive review. You can read the enitre review on Sea of Tranquility, just click on their logo on your right.

Background Magazine - 4 out of 5

Background Magazine"Holland has another promising new band and Incidense proved with their debut album that they can compete with the best bands in the world of progressive metal. Their diversity, great craftsmanship and well balanced compositions really are worth giving this band a try. Believe me. You won't regret it when you buy this album." To read the entire Background magazine review, just click on their logo.

Zware Metalen - 70 out of 100

Zware MetalenZware Metalen believe we are a promissing band and gave us a 70/100 score. You can read the enitre Zware Metalen review in Dutch by clicking on their logo on your right.

Lords of Metal review

Lords of MetalProg Metal made with the heart in the right place. Lords of Metal describe our music as heavy interspersed with softer parts, sensitive vocals, nice solos and instrumental madness. Click on the Lords of Metal logo to read the entire review in Dutch.

Progwereld review

Progwereld Progwereld credits our music as well! They believe we released a good album. They're especially enthusiastic about "Remnants of the Past" which according to them, is an adventure for your ears. They also enjoyed the more subtle "Nothing Left", which is described as earcandy. They wish we had more money though, to get ourselves a descent producer. Well.. so do we! What's important to us is that they are enthusiastic about the songs. You can read the entire review in Dutch on Progwereld.

Concert Reviews

JamPop Review

JamPop The Jampop Jury enjoyed our convincing performance and loved our music! Make sure you check out their review (in Dutch) and some beautiful pictures and video!

Utrecht Roxx Review

Utrecht RoxxUtrecht Roxx appreciate the songs, loved the performance and we played as solid as a rock! This review includes some great pictures!

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